Deputies: 3 arrested for hosting MMA fights at home

Brandon Harrison

Brandon Harrison

Angela Harrison

Angela Harrison

Gauge Ford

Gauge Ford

A Lee County family is accused of hosting unlicensed fights.

Lee County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Angela Harrison, 36, Brandon Harrison, 27, and Gauge Ford, 17, for staging Mixed Martial Arts style fights on the 1400 block of Hightower Avenue South in Lehigh Acres.

Lee County detectives were able to confirm allegations of illegal fights by finding Facebook videos capturing juveniles and young adults engaging in full contact fighting. Detectives with the help of a school resource officer at East Lee County High School were able to identify some of the people in the videos.

The fighters wore padded gloves and head gear but the winners were determined when one competitor could no longer continue. According to detectives, Ford, the stepson, recruited students to participate in the fights.

Angela Harrison, Brandon Harrison, and Gauge Ford are all facing a third-degree felony of promoting an unlicensed boxing match.

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Comments » 17

Here4Now writes:

First Rule of Fight Club - stay the H off Facebook, you idiots!

profiler writes:

That the f*** has happend to freedom? Now the nazis arrest people for not having some license to have people ..of their own free will...fight>??
Fornicate this nazi police state...

sunburnt writes:

This has redneck trash written all over it. don't it? But I still think its awesome.

RayPray writes:

Sedate behavior for Leroy Acres....

trueamerican writes:

Hey WTH keeps them off the streets....

taxed_to_the_max writes:

let'em fight, who cares?

lil_Sebastian writes:

god forbid lee county deputies arrest some real criminals. or solve murders that happen ALL THE TIME. SO are cops using facebook to spy on its citizens? YOU SHEEP ARE SO WILLING TO POST YOUR PERSONAL INFO ALL OVER THE NET WITH FACEBOOK ^5

SandnSurf writes:

I can understand if the fighters were juvenile, but if they werent, what is the big deal? Next thing you know you will need a license/permit to have a BBQ.

MisterK writes:

Tryin' to go viral
In a downward spiral.
Lookout Jersey Shore!
Now, there's a class war waiting to play out. It's like the Reb's and Yank's all over again. They just need to start saying they're doing historical re-enactments.

fungui writes:

in response to profiler:

That the f*** has happend to freedom? Now the nazis arrest people for not having some license to have people ..of their own free will...fight>??
Fornicate this nazi police state...

I don't think the government cares that they are fighting, I think they care that there is money to be made in licensing fees and they were cut out of that.

signalzero (Inactive) writes:

Heck when I was in high school everyone did this kind of stuff. I do not see what the problem would be, if the parents are aware of what the teens are doing. I was in wrestling, and karate, when I was in Junior, and Senior, high as was a lot of people posting here I bet. I competed in competitions all over FL. We used to put on gloves, and mouth pieces, and fight it out in the yard after school, or police explorers. If they are talking abuot little kids I can understand, but if their at least 16 or 17 and the parents are aware, who cares.

squall_line writes:

that kid...doesn't look...well.

woods311 writes:

We are losing our freedoms in America.
You can't even have a neighborhood get together, head knocking with paying for a license.

Wake up America, don't forget "I.L.A.C."

Coastal writes:

Clearly martial arts should be outlawed.

crayola writes:

I always liked to fight in school. By the time I was in the 11th grade, I could whip most any first through third grader but they would always go home and squeal to their mothers that some big guy ( I was only 6'2" 180 lbs) whipped up on them and took their lunch money. What's the use of fighting if you don't win something? When I tangled with that Satan-spawned fifth grader and he rubbed my face on the side walk, I gave up amateur fist fighting - just too unpredictable. Some of those midgets are a lot tougher than they look.

John_Galt writes:

Government gone wild. End the bureaucrats!

tampacoco writes:

Trash raising more Trash for sure, Great Parents NOT!

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