Weather v. climate

Truth About Weather, Climate and Climate Change

I hope to get this poll about defining "climate" posted by the Naples News and others (e.g., TV meteorologists) across the country. But, those who read, please post your answers and rationale here.


The best time frame to describe climate is

A - 3 days
B - 30 years
C - 300 decades
D - 3,000 centuries

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swampbuggy writes:

E- Within Algores lifetime.

ruf462 writes:

I don't mean to nitpick, but what do you mean by "best"? On what basis?

I would reframe the question. Otherwise, your data will simply identify preferences among a small group from the general public. If you're trying to elicit opinions which are based on certain facts or considerations, it is important to define how the respondents should assess the "best" option.

Having said all of that, and assuming that you're trying to ask what time period is of greatest interest to me taken from the available selection, then I "prefer" 30 years because it represents an approximation of a "generation".

Otherwise, your choices are simply arbitrary. And that too raises issues about choosing the "best" time period.

P.S. Good luck. This subject matter and the surrounding debate are of great interest to me.

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