Loving You Makes Me a Better Person

Soul of Our Nation by Scott Hopkins

Our country has been and remains a land of opportunity unlike anything in the past or the present. It was the hope of a brave new world where early settlers risked it all for a chance at freedom continuing down to today's immigrants seeking these same freedoms.

It is this characteristic, yea fundamental truth of our nation that implicitly transforms people's hearts and minds. It makes all of us better individuals as, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

It is this love of freedom that lifts our condition, has lifted the world's condition and to which we must remain true. The love affair was truly scandalous at the foundation of our country yet has managed to lift the condition of the world.

God Bless America

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keekee writes:

Mr. Hopkins,

I have just stumbled upon your blog and have read today’s entry and was so taken I also read your previous entry and was equally impressed.

Thank you for these insightful words.

I still believe in these words, I always have. I know how fortunate I am to be born in this country of freedoms and I plan never to take this good fortune for granted.

Pardon my intrusion with this thought, but we have those who would disparage these words by denigrating the authors. Stating in effect, it was all written by rich, white men and this somehow negates the strength of these words.

I love my country, however I fear some would like to erase our history and make up another. I can’t see the productivity in that, but that’s just me. Our history is ours. We must own it. I truly believe more greatness has been produced in this land of opportunity than evil.

But that’s just me! Whew, got kind of heavy there for a minute! Anyway, I’m glad I “stumbled” upon your blog. I found your words positive and inspiring.

Now you will excuse me while I visit the rest of your archive.

bossman1 writes:

Wonderfull words Scott and put together so nicely. But they are only words. Actions and results are more important to me than words.
Who is it in our country today that works for equal rights for all, or against it.
There are some in our country today that still work for the common good for all, real freedom for all, and there are those who work against those ideals while speaking those same exact words in this blog.
As for 'God Bless America' and inalienable rights, don't every country deserve God's blessing and 'everyone' inalienable rights?
Our country is still a work in progress Scott.
Today the gap between the have mores and have less Americans is wider than ever. The have mores and their enablers are still speaking those wonderfull words like yours. But thier actions show a much different story.
Good luck with your blog.

vg33404#281565 writes:

Scott, you have a winning attitude, that is to focus on the wonderful opportunity in our country. Those who embrace the opportunity with optimism, determination and gratitude most likely will achieve success.
All of us can point to rags to riches stories of success and contribution, all stemming from countless possibilities afforded in the US. Very few have things "handed to them". The fact is that most successful people work very hard, studied hard, made personal sacrifices, lifted others on their way, and added value somewhere. These things are rewarded in a capitalistic society, and I would argue, "for the greater good", because they inspire others as well as contribute to an infrastructure of an economy to build upon. Certainly the resultant contributions of achievers add the lion's share to "the greater good" economically...the numbers tell that story...
Bossman's comment is an excellent example of how to get in one's own way of experiencing all the wonderful possibilities our system makes available. (This is a constructive point, not intended to be offensive, so, I hope he takes it that way).
When someone is not comfortable with others who have embraced the opportunities for success, it shows that his focus is not where it should be. I encourage people like bossman to challenge themselves to see where they can jump in, take advantage of the many opportunities in the US and make a positive difference. That in turn would empowers others that think like bossman does now, to lift themselves up, rather than cast general suspicion on people who embrace what God has blessed us with in the US.
God Bless America, for sure.. Of course he blesses other nations, bossman should not be offended that you expressed your gratitude for the US in particular.. again, bossman should challenge himself to see the good in things, and not seek negativity where not intended. I'm sure with a slight change in attitude, he will begin to feel the blessings available to all that embrace and appreciate. Again, this is not intended for offense, it's a challenge to see the cup as overflowing...you have to see it to embrace it.
No country is perfect, but I can't think of one more blessed with opportunity than the US.

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