Monetary Concerns

Political Angle by Ryan Steffy

I think that many Americans are in the need of the understanding of self-sufficiency. Self-Sufficiency is a concept that requires people to be taught and learned on how to manage money. If a person didn't understand the concept of money management they would be lost and they would also be in a world of disarray. Many times people have faced different concerns such as: how to fix the economy, how to grow and stimulate the economy and also how to adjust for the deflationary period and how to turn it around.

Let us take the concept of how to fix the economy first. With the turn of the 21st Century people have been in the mindset that the economy has been in need of fixing from day one. Most people look towards the government as the saving grace. The problem is that the government has been the saving grace a majority of the time. Another problematic thing is that people look towards the government as the lender of last resort all of the time.

Secondly, how do we stimulate the economy? This question takes a little more thinking to fix. For Americans are in the viewpoint that spending to spend is one of the vital aspects of being an American. The problem is that America needs to set the precedent rather than not setting it because America should be the example in terms of not spending just to spend. Also, America should in order to stimulate the economy be able to stop social spending, allow for interest rates to rise a little bit and also allow for the government to not frivilously spend money.

Next, how to change and turn around a deflationary period. This is the hardest problem that we as Americans and the global world are faced with. Can it be fixed? The answer is one will only tell in the future. Are there ways to prevent or stop the continuation of deflation? Maybe.

By understanding and also by learning about the economy an American is able to be better prepared for the worst, the better and the good. Another aspect that must be answered is the fact that many Americans have no clue in terms of what direction the economy is heading. It is indeed problematic. In order to be victorious one must be not only knowledgeable but they must be prepared.

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cabagepalm writes:

Are you sure about that?

eddiefiler writes:

We live in curious times. We are told to spend money to help the economy, but the more consumer goods we acquire, the more we hurt the environment. What are we supposed to do? Yes, being self-sufficient is a noble goal, but we are getting away from it more and more. At one time most of the people were agrarian and were self-sufficient. Now most people are not self-sufficient. I think humanity is going in the wrong direction because we rely on everything from corporations and government instead of what we can do for ourselves.

flanative writes:

Okay, everybody says it's morally wrong to walk away from a debt. So how about this shocker? Banks can garnish your wages for 20 YEARS for walking away from a mortgage! Per the NDN sister paper:

"Under Florida law, banks have five years from the date of the sale to file for so-called deficiency judgments and up to 20 years to collect. Lenders can garnish wages or make claims on borrowers’ assets."

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