Drug testing in Collier County schools

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Hey guys.

We had a great meeting last night with really good conversation about a hot topic affecting local schools: random drug testing of athletes.

As a team, we've decided to tackle this issue by breaking up and writing stories, creating graphics, taking photos to create a package that we can build on the web site and run in print later this month.

Here's your chance to sound off on this issue, bounce story ideas out to everyone to get feedback and brainstorm ways we can best tell this story.

Also, I think a great way to kick off this project would be with a man on the street. Here's an example of our Your Take section. Try to find a couple students/teachers/coaches in your school (or another local school) and take their photo and get a short quote like those you see in Your Take. These could be a good way to find sources or help you get some insight on what people are thinking about this issue.

I'm hoping by early next week that we have a solid arsenal of perspectives, and as they roll in, I'll put them up on the site. Next week will also be a great time to start nailing down some actual story ideas and developing those.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any help. Also, email me if you'd like to come in and hang out with one of our Daily News team members.

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