Dogs Missing in The Estates

My Thoughts Exactly by Annette Kniola

Everyday I post at least on event or something of importance to my Facebook page called "The Estates" Community. It's a great place for our community to keep in touch, shares ideas and post events.

If you lived out here, you would begin to notice missing dogs signs on just about every corner. It's actually becoming alarming to be honest. Just last week alone we had three dogs go missing that were thankfully found or at least identified. I am sure Animal Control is getting a good work out from every instance.

Now yesterday, and alarming post was made from a community member. It read this by Susan Sproul-Cascio and Carolina Lamar Thiesen Mosher;
**** ATTENTION ****
"A friend of mine just posted this, and thought it would be a good idea to pass along the info. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR DOGS! Spoke to someone that lives off Everglades Blvd. and 43rd. BEWARE! There is a white van and red suburban driving around coaxing dogs out of their yards. To me that can only mean one thing. And it's those dogs willing to go are being stolen and used as bait dogs. Don't let your dog be a victim. Keep you eyes open for those vehicles.I don't think animal control drives around in their own vehicles.Keep in mind this is only my opinion but I don't think my heart is wrong."

Shortly after, another post by Mary Lundberg wrote;
"Animal control does have white vans, but they say on the side that they are DAS. Please NEVER EVER leave your pets outside without watching them- not only are there horrible people who will steal them and hurt them, but remember we live in a very wild place with bears and ten foot snakes. I see new 'lost' posters out here every week. A bunch of new ones are out on Wilson and Golden Gate Blvd. It is ridiculous to see so many dogs/cats missing. If anyone ever sees someone trying to take a pet, get the license and pick up your phone and get it filmed."

It reads dog baiting is setting game dogs against a chained or confined animal for sport. The dogs bite and tear to subdue the opposing animal by incapacitating or killing it. Baiting is a blood sport used for entertainment and gambling. It is illegal in most countries with varying levels of enforcement.

So it's apparent something is going on and I hope those who do read this can help us in some way. Thankfully we now have a 'Lost Animals of Collier County' on Facebook that we can now post lost or found pets. The site alone is busier as ever. It's unreal how many have gone missing and some that have thankfully been found.

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CalmSeas writes:

I hope someone is calling the sheriff's department, so they can be watching too.

AnnetteKniola writes:

in response to CalmSeas:

I hope someone is calling the sheriff's department, so they can be watching too.

That's a very good point! I was contacted by NBC2 today and they did a clip on the news. Will contact Sheriffs Department too. Thank you.

Here's the clip:

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