Grab the long rod and hit the beach!

Tales from the Kayak Fisherwoman

Its summer time, and its time to get ready for some of my favorite things... snook on the jetties and in the passes, tarpon nearshore, and of course, snook on the beach.

This time of year you're foolish if you're walking the beach without a rod in hand! I took up fly fishing last year and I have to say the pride and sense of accomplishment you get from catching your first snook on the fly is unforgettable.

You'll want to start out by walking parallel to the beach looking for those long dark shadows cruising by. It won't take long before you see a pod heading towards you. Presentation is key and be prepared to break a sweat!

Fly casting to cruising snook, especially when they're on the move and moving fast, is work but the rewards you'll reap during the process is definitely worth the effort. Depending on which direction the fish are going, you'll want to run well ahead of the school and make a cast a good 10ft ahead on either side. Then strip, strip, strip! BAM fish on!

And of course always match the hatch; pay close attention to what they're feeding on. Small white flies are usually the ticket to targeting Naples beach snook. I use a 7wt fly rod with 20# tippet and a good tropical floating line that won't gum up in the heat and humidity.

You don't have to be an expert fly caster to catch snook from the beach so leave that boat or kayak at home and take advantage of the incredible beach snookin' our area has to offer this time of year.


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