The never-ending cat and mouse game

Joni McCullough

The longer I stay unemployed the longer employers will not look at me.

This is getting frustrating and discouraging by the day. No matter what I do, it seems like it is a constant cat and mouse game. The employers being the mice and the unemployed being the cat. The cat works diligently to make the perfect mouse trap, making it enticing with cheese or peanut butter.

The mice, seeing the options of the different types of traps and enticements, pick and choose what they think they want from the many traps to choose from.

In other words, the cat puts the resume and references out and the mice — the employers — see that there is so much to choose from they don't know where to begin.

Can't they see through all the traps and see me sitting there with a piece of cheese on my plate with no trap? I just want to get back in the profession I love ... is that so hard to understand?

I am seeing so many positions being re-posted again, because who they thought could do the job couldn't and here I sit, the hard working, dedicated and loyal employee that works hard not only for my employer but also for my patients. Talk about discouraging ... WOW.

Will someone give me a chance in proving my worth or will they place me among those who don't care and just want a job.? Will anyone hear me? Help!!!

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Ironbutterfly writes:

Hi Joni, I wish I had a job for you, but I'm in the same boat.
But I'll tell you what I did Monday 2/13/2012, I got on the internet and applied for some jobs in my profession and I had 2 interviews this week, the difference was I wrote detailed cover letters asking for an interview to hear more about their company and go into further detail about what I would bring to their company. Get as creative as possible.
I know it frustrating, but all you can do is keep trying to talk to an actual human being.

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