Did anyone else see that "meteor'' on Sunday?

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So there I am.
Walking the dog Sunday morning.
About 7:50 a.m.
And there it was ... a glowing, white-bright ball with a tail of smoke in the sky, shooting toward the ground.
Actually, it looked as if it were shooting toward the Pine Ridge Road firehouse of the North Naples Fire Department just east of Goodlette-Frank Road.
Then the streaking ball went behind a streetlight and never came out below.
That was it.
Total time: Maybe two or three seconds.
Really cool.
Who needs coffee after you see something like that.
Anyone else see it?

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NedLand writes:

No. I didn't see it. I wish I had. It might be worth tracking down.

avesuave writes:

Yes, I saw it. I had hoped it was a good omen....

Shovel writes:

I saw too, while picking our newspapers in the driveway. I thought initially it was a helicopter or airplane with a searchlight.

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