Everblades Hockey Back In Action

Hockey Gameday

Hey everyone! Sorry to the bloggers. I haven't been able to get my hands on this computer lately. Been pretty busy. So, the Blades are back. In the beginning it seemed the Blades had a rough time dealing with the stricter policy enforcing certain penalties. But it seems they have learned to deal. The Blades (9-3-0) have swept the Columbia Inferno and are 1st in the Southern Division. Blades are already being called up and we're also getting some back. Jonathan Lehun got called up and went to the AHL again. Best wishes to him up there. Blades have won their game tonight 4-3, making tonight their 5th consecutive win in front of a STANDING ROOM ONLY crowd of 7,225. Mike Angelidis accomplished his first hat trick in his career, making the first star of the game. Congrats Mike! Brent McDonald was star #2 with a goal and 3 assists and David Brine was star #3 with two assists. Way to go Blades. Unfortunately, I will not be able to update every gameday. But, I will try my very best to update as much as possible so there is a place for Blades Gameday talk. I'd have to say with Thanksgiving right around the corner, the one thing I know I'm thankful for is Everblades Hockey. :] Happy Blogging! Alicia

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