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Welcome to the Launch of our Naples eDaily News! Please feel free to post your feedback in the comments section below.

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velasqj1 writes:

Blog test

AU_350Z writes:

Easy to navigate, great features!

Marketing writes:

Even I'm able to figure this out.

t.bath#210668 writes:

I LOVED the OLD format! Is there any way to read the paper page by page as I did before????????

Trayc writes:

Looks great... I am amazed!

wfisher322 writes:

i don't like the new version. I preferred the option of viewing a page just like i was holding up the paper itself. This version does not allow us to minimize the right column; and enlarge the left column with the page image. I preferred the old site over other newspapers in SW FL because of this feature. Think about it, even Amazon's Kindle has been reintroduced with that feature because that is how people prefer to read books and periodicals. The old fashioned way.

alrih writes:

Useless. Return to just reading the daily paper!!!

lcoleff writes:

My home computer is slower, I think this will be even better on a bigger screen w/ a faster machine...but it rocks! It is very intuitive... gotta love the way the pages turn !

alrih writes:

I tried for the 3rd time to read the paper. It was impossible to read as a normal paper. Forget me as a subscrber.
Presented page was too small to be legible. Page turning kept jumping back to illegible base. So distracting that I quit. It wasn'r worth it.

AdamScheer writes:

I think that the new epaper lacks many features that the old epaper had. I find it much more difficult to navigate around. Printing has become much more difficult to print with clarity. Whjy make the change? I find it totally unnecessary to do that.

martinpjones#223387 writes:

It seems more difficult to view whole pages but I will keep trying in the event that I have not yet discovered all of the new features

Bobbo writes:

Can't select Bonita News.

Ditto AdamScheer,

rhlarson writes:

Some words in certain stories are missing spaces. Here's an example:

"outer spokeat anannual con­ference of judges and lawyers from Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He handles mat­ters that come to the Supreme Court from those states. The69­year-old justice..."

Also, the Graphic preview option seems to cutoff the right side of the column/story, making the story unreadable. This was happening in the 05/06 edition.

Other than that, which I'm sure is an easy fix, I like this version better. It's much faster.

60sgirl writes:

Also can't select the Bonita Daily News.

Too complicated. Too many errors. I much prefer being able to see and read the whole page at a time instead of having to click on each story.

Please don't try to fix what already is a good thing. It felt much more comfortable the way it was before and more like having the actual newspaper in front of me!

gegnorton writes:

I like the new version which I think is easier and quicker to navigate and flip between pages.My only question Why is the bonita edition missing the second front, national, and world news?? Otherwise it's great!

iamjm writes:

Absolutely fantastic!!

turner writes:

Wow! great e edition. user friendly! keep it coming.

karenglaub writes:

This is great. Finally I can email an associated press article to someone from this site. Before, you didn't have all them online. We get the paper delivered and will continue to do so, but I really like this. Thanks.

BlueTonguedVole (Inactive) writes:

I like it. I didn't try the other version some refer to, but it is nice seeing the same things as I see when I have the paper in hand without the effects of the ink on my fingers!

Not sure what you will do with your brand new building and press if this becomes your standard.

BlueTonguedVole (Inactive) writes:

OK, I just tried a double page view and found a lot of the right side and left of the pages were cut off as if the paper was overlapped, so while it seemed fine in the single view, to me, the double page columns on each side were unreadable. That is disappointing. Nice to be able to download the PDFs of the stories and comics.
Will look forward to seeing the overlap fixed.

beachouse writes:

No thank you. The conversion to text (after clicking on an article to read) is very difficult to read. I don't appreciate having to proofread an article to determine what the words are supposed to be.

I also prefer reading the full page as before and scanning down.

Too frustrating to read.

Is there a way to bypass this version and view the the previous online format?

ralbanes writes:

This new epaper is incredible. It is WAY better than the previous version. Very easy to navigate, read, print out, etc. If I didn't love to read the printed version so much, I would be tempted to cancel delivery. This new version is so good I'm afraid that might be a problem for you all. Anyway, it makes keeping up with Naples from our Virginia location very nice.

AdamScheer writes:

Just finished reading the new on-line version for the second day and my conclusions are the same. The old version was easier to read and to navigate. The new version requires you to bring up each article in order to read it. The graphics are not clear and when you print something out it may or may not be legible. Please bring back to prior version. Why change something that was working just fine.

mncerrochi writes:

Love it! Easy to find, easy to navigate. Great job!

brifu writes:

When you switch to 2 page view, columns run off the edge of the screen. Where the two pages come together the two pages are overlapped. This makes reading the article impossible in this format. Total waste of time!

dominik writes:

The new epaper is great! It is easy to navigate and read. Great job!!

lschneider writes:

Great fun!
You can read any part - page by page (by using the selection at the top right); or Section by section...
I love that you click on a story, and it appears larger on the right for easy reading. The same with ads! (Which is handy for us in Advertising - to look up where an ad appears - or doesn't...)
The "Shop" section is also handy, to check ads, deals, etc.
I also love that it translates. What a great addition to broaden our reach for readership.
Great work you guys!
Kudos Jorge!!!

LSPinNaples writes:

Sorry. I liked the old version better. Its easier to read and navagate from page to page. Also, the site froze on me twice.

Donrntfrw writes:

Gotta get use to it, but seems OK...

The comics are blurred and distorted.. Difficult to view.....

lfiesel8 writes:

Please return to the old format. Reading the e-paper should be relaxing and enjoyable. The new format is neigher.

Bobbo writes:

The old version was quirky, but it was more intuititve, and generally more responsive. The big problem with any electronic newspaper, broadsheet, mini-broadsheet or tabloid, is the ability to see the page in its entirety. The new version does that, more or less, although it has some undesired cropping. The unformatted text you get when you click on an article is generally okay, but sometimes is not coherent. And, finally, the adjacent pages, when in full page view, sometimes overlap and blend.

Keep working on it!

Bobbo writes:

I like the pdf download feature. But like the main viewer, the full pages have no margins or are slightly cropped, which is extremely annoying.
And the full download feature downloads all pages as individual files, rather than one pdf, which would be much more usable and readable.

psudia writes:

I like many of the new etc.But it is much harder to read and navigate. The pages overlap and the magnification is either too large or too hard to read.Possibly I am use to the old format and just like it better for scanning the page and navigating the site.

lbharkness writes:

I love the new online version. Was so simple to navigate and all I had to do was click on the article and it enlarges for viewing! Much easier to navigate than the old version. Great job!!!

bobbieleroy writes:

Unable to view e-paper, get error on my account. Was working great before the change.

maryella writes:

I like the old version better. This was too hard to navigate. I did not like looking at a page with very small print then highlighting which area to enlarge so I can read it. In the old version the whole page was presented on my large screen and I can scroll down and read what I want in print I can see.

wbenton writes:

Give me back the old version. Much easier to read and navigate.

charlieg writes:

I like the old format better. I enjoyed browsing over the entire page on my screen. I do not enjoy the small square dedicated to an article in the new version of your Epaper.

t.bath#210668 writes:

Now that I have had a chance to use the new version, I still feel the same. The old version was better. It was the newspaper, not a computer replica. Pages are cut off, and it cannot be read as a newspaper.

My wife and I are moving to the Naples area in the next few months and it will be good to read the paper as it was meant to be read. looks like the e edition won't be free much longer anyway.

Donrntfrw writes:

Changed my mind.............
This new version is the biggest piece of dog squeeze I've seen yet.... Takes way the heck too much time to figure out what and how to do...... Pages are out of focus half the time... Too difficult to try and figure out how to make larger for viewing... If this is what it is going to be, count me OUT !!!!!!

neo writes:

Ugh... the previous format was much nicer.

slcrac writes:

I like the new version..much quicker to browse pages and locate only the sections or articles I want to read. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use the format..very user friendly. It's a good mix for me.

luistech writes:

the previous format was better and very easy to use, now i have to click here and there and the other side...

Donrntfrw writes:

Aw come on..............

This "new version" is pure GARBAGE....................

odanti writes:

I like the old e paper, much easier to read, just like reading the newspaper.
Please give us a choice to read either.


cstraton writes:

I had to quit trying to navigate. I use an Apple so I don't know if the problems/lack of user friendliness was due to Apple or the new version. The new version seems too complicated. I use the Washington Post e-replica and Zinio magazines without problems. Seems like you have added more bells and whistles which are adding unnecessary complexity.

nkb writes:

Unable to zoom in or out. If I enlarge the page just holding down CTRL plus scrolling with the mouse, it becomes illegible. I can only go from page to page, but cannot read it because it is too tiny. Is anyone else having this problem? Also FAQs are unavailable and I cannot use "email." Is it my computer or the beta site?

piet.fl#214396 writes:

I prefer to old format. The new format makes it difficult to browse because it is not possible to read a few lines of a story to see what it is about. It's very cumbersome going back and forth between the tiny paper on the left and the enlarged copy on the right.

ljfroloff writes:

I love the new format. Needs a helpful OVERLAY with tips and tricks for each view (single page, etc) which can be turned off with a checkbox at the end-users convenience.

karjay writes:

I really love the new version. I have a mini laptop and had difficutlty with the old version. This version works great with my PC. And, I can read the epaper at work. The old version, didn't work for me at work.

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