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Matt Hudson expects to be busy this year.
The District 101 representative in the Florida House was appointed Tuesday to serve on three committees dealing with health care issues.
The national debate over health care reform, however it plays out, is certain to impact the way states parcel out health care, Hudson said.
“I don’t think there’s any doubt. I’m going to be in the middle of it.”
For instance, Hudson said if Congress passes and the president signs something similar to House Bill 3200, the much debated plan the House passed through committee before heading off to its August recess, “We (Florida legislators) will have to find $1.5 billion to cover the Medicaid part. Quite frankly, we don’t have that.”
Hudson, a Republican representing much of eastern Collier County and part of Broward, sees health care as a three-legged stool made up of access, quality and cost. The federal plan, as drafted, does nothing to address the access issue. It aims to immediately cover millions of more Americans without any provisions to add doctors and nurses.
Twenty Florida counties have no dentists living in them, he noted.
House Bill 3200 fails to take that sort of variable into account, he said. “You can’t have a one-size-fits-all plan.”
Hudson predicts state legislatures, through committees like the ones he was appointed to Tuesday, will have to sort through the meaning of federal health care reform. “It’s about as ambiguous as it can be. The document was pushed through so quickly, it’s not clear what’s there. It’s much akin to the stimulus plan this spring. It was just a poorly crafted document. This document is much the same.”
Appointments were announced Tuesday by incoming House Speaker Larry Cretul.
Assignments of Hudson and other Southwest Florida representatives are:
• Representative Matt Hudson, House District 101, Chair of the Collier County Legislative Delegation, Vice-Chair - Health and Family Services Policy Council, Select Policy Council on Strategic & Economic Planning, Economic Development Policy Committee, Health Care Appropriations Committee, Health Care Regulation Policy Committee, Joint Legislative Committee on Everglades Oversight, Energy & Utilities Policy Committee’
• Representative Trudi Williams, House District 75, Chair, Agricultural & Natural Resources Policy Committee, General Government Policy Council, Select Policy Council on Strategic & Economic Planning, Natural Resources Appropriations Committee, Health Care Services Policy Committee
• Representative Tom Grady, House District 76, Vice-Chair - Insurance, Business & Financial Affairs Policy Committee, Criminal & Civil Justice Policy Council, Pre-K – 12 Appropriations Committee, Civil Justice & Courts Policy Committee
• Representative Denise Grimsley, House District 77, Joint Legislative Budget Commission, Chair - Health Care appropriations Committee, Vice-Chair - Select Policy Council on Strategic & Economic Planning, General Government Policy Council, Full Approps. Council on General Government & Health Care, Full Approps. Council on Education & Economic Development, Health & Family Services policy Council,
• Representative David Rivera, House District 112, Chair - Joint Legislative Budget Commission, Chair - Full Approps. Council on Education & Economic Development, Chair - Full Approps. Council on General Government & Health Care, Rules and Calendar Council

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estateslady11 writes:

Matt Hudson is a 24/7 Represtative, he has far surpassed his predecessor Mike Davis.
Matt Hudson not only works for his district, he works for the entire Communnity and has taken on the Entire State.
With the Election of Scott Brown, to the Senate in Mass, the Dictatorship of the Country has ended, we will now have some checks and balances. The discontent of the American people are on a wave of their own change, come elections in 2010 we can look forward to a more balanced Government as it was always ment to be. No one party should control the White House, Congress and Senate. It has been the ruination of the entire Country and may take decades to repair.
I look forward to working with Matt Hudson in whatever path he chooses to follow when his term is up.

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